Jessie is an Army veteran who grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. He served in various locations around the world including stints in Iraq, Kuwait, South Korea, Hawaii, and Washington State. Jessie was officially a 63B (Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic) in the Army, but as many service members know your job title isn't entirely descriptive of your experience. During his military service he served in many roles to include Environmental Compliance Officer, Recovery Driver, Command Driver, and Project Coordinator on a project to build a regional hazardous waste disposal facility in Iraq.

After being honorably discharged in 2014, he used the GI Bill to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Saint Martin's University, in Lacey Washington. Then achieved a Master of Professional Studies in Political Management at The George Washington University, located in Washington, D.C. He is currently pursuing his second Master's in Political Science at American Military University. 


Jessie and his family now call Lacey, Washington, their home. He is a loving father to three kids and students in the North Thurston School District, two boys and a girl ages 16, 11, and 14 respectively. He and his wife Jaclynn have been happily married  for nearly 19 years. 

Jessie has spent much of his time in Washington State as a perennial campaign worker. He has managed, consulted on, or volunteered for campaigns to elect candidates with good character and integrity at every level from school board to Congress. He is a founding member of the Washington Campaign Workers' Coalition, Local 116 and previously a union member at Teamsters, Local 117. Jessie has decided that it is time to put his own best foot forward and be the leader that he has long supported. 

A Brief Word From the Candidate

     "At my core I am truly an empathetic individual and concerned about the plight of my fellow community members. I have spent much of the last 6 years working on campaigns with the purpose of getting people of good character and integrity elected, and providing support and motivation for those who needed it to fulfill their potential as leaders. Today I have decided to move out of the background and take the leap of putting my future in the hands of the voters. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Port of Olympia Commissioner in District 2.


     Much of my adult life has been committed to service. I spent nearly 8 years serving in the United States Army including deploying to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Like thousands before me, I have been fortunate to enjoy the benefits of the GI Bill, as I achieved my education through my service as well. I grew up in Fort Worth and enjoyed traveling to many places during my military career, but I loved my time in Washington so much that I decided to leave my military service and call Lacey my new home. Since then, I have dedicated my work to supporting leaders who represent 21st century thinking and a vision to move our community forward together. And now I hope to live up to those same principles in my quest for the Port Commissioner position.


My philosophy is simple.


     First, I know we are not always going to agree on everything. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas, not even me. Yet, I believe we all inevitably have the same goals. We want our community to succeed together. The opinions on how we get there may vary, but I can promise an ear for all our neighbors.


     Second, that brings me to my vision for the port. There is much debate between stakeholders with different ideas of what is most important in making the Port of Olympia as successful as it can be. Yet, I see that we can do it all. Organized labor and environmentalism can exist in the same space. We can protect jobs, especially in these stressful times, and protect the environment for future generations to enjoy. We can be intelligent about the growth we want for the port and fulfill the goals of “Destination 2050.” And we can turn the port into a partner for people, cities, and other stakeholders throughout our county.


     I cannot do this alone. I would be honored to receive your support in any way that you are capable of helping. Most of all, I would be honored to have your confidence and your vote."